Monday, January 30, 2017

Coffee on the Menu

This past Saturday, my husband and I wanted to hang out, but before we can chill, we needed to take care of errands in Downtown, San Diego.  Once we had a little down time, we headed over to the Rustic Root restaurant to enjoy a little afternoon brunch. As we sat down, we took a look at the new coffee menu and placed two order for latte's; one vanilla and one salted caramel (delicious!).

While we both scanned the menu for delicious plates, we both knew we wanted to share a stack of blueberry buttermilk pancakes. And after five to ten minutes, we placed an order for our main meal. He order a healthy omelet dish while I ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and a side plate of grilled sliced potatoes. 



Sunday, January 29, 2017

Curly Hair Talk

Hola Chicas! I am on a new journey to re-vamp my curls and did my first 2017 youtube video and I am wearing no make up because I wanted to just relax and do a facial mask right after. And with that said, I am quite excited to share the first video on my blog...

So grab a snack or two and hit play!

If you want to know more about your curl type, click the following link below:


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Taking Control of My Finances

Part of my new year's resolution is to become more familiar with my finances, so my money can start working for me and not the other way around. Right now, I live a pretty comfortable life, I'm a career woman by day and blogger by night, but I still have bills to pay like two credit cards, a student loan and living expenses. It's not cheap living in California and balancing a busy life.

After reading a couple tips from Turbo Tax blog, I decided to stop procrastinating and start getting back on track with my finances by creating a financial table plan.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Let it Glow

Hi Babes! I want to share something that I'm really excited about.  The e.l.f cosmetics came out with perfect highlighter products. And some of my favorite beauty items this month are: illuminating palette, baked highlighter, trio brown bonanza eyeshadow, and ravishing rose lipstick. Every hand selected item is a perfect combination of glow and highlight for the areas that need a little loving.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Blue Pond

There are times when I often want to pack my travel bag for a quick road trip and live life before I have to start my work week all over again. And as anxious as I felt about getting out of San Diego, I happened to stay local to visit a nearby blue pond. You see,  this small hidden gem was only a few minutes away and here I was trying to plan a three hour drive to get away. 

At times we often miss the beautiful environment around us because we're so blind to the travel pleasures we desire so much, but next time your trying to get away, plan a trip within your local community areas. You'll be surprise how much you may be missing out. 


Friday, January 13, 2017


When I wore my sneakers for one full week, I remember feeling so free, comfortable and stylish.
Sneakers are a great replacement for high heels when your out exploring the city life. Also layering your outfit is the simplest way of dressing appropriate for any type of weather because you can peel off a layer when it's too hot, or add a cardigan when you're cold. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Coffee Run

My morning rituals lately consist of getting coffee or tea and a to go butter croissant, but that's not really's more of an a.m. snack until lunch. And I'm okay with that because I'm not a breakfast person during the week.  However, don't get me wrong, I love making breakfast on my weekends, but during the week I just love snoozing the alarm button a lot more, so I can hide underneath the blanket for five 5 more minutes until it's time to get up and rush out the door. 

Remember whether your on time or rushing keep it cool 
and collective because your day is only getting started. 


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Out and About

Sunday afternoon's in the city are quite delightful especially when you get to enjoy 
the architectural buildings, street art and social scene. While exploring the streets of San Diego, I 
 realized how much I like to observe people in their surrounding environment and their reaction, it's almost like watching a movie, but live. I've also notice that each block is different whether it's alive with music and people or quite as library room with cars driving by every now and then.

So, if you are ever in the city being out and about, remember to take a nice long stroll and enjoy being in the moment. For a little outfit inspiration, remember that casual dresses are a perfect outfit to make you feel right at home along with some white sneakers. 


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's Giveaway Time....

Happy New Year! To show you ladies a little love, I am 
 doing my first giveaway for the new year. One lucky person will win a bag full of goodies 
worth more than $100 dollars, so make sure you follow me on 
Instagram to enter giveaway. 

Good Luck!

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