Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Coffee Run

My morning rituals lately consist of getting coffee or tea and a to go butter croissant, but that's not really's more of an a.m. snack until lunch. And I'm okay with that because I'm not a breakfast person during the week.  However, don't get me wrong, I love making breakfast on my weekends, but during the week I just love snoozing the alarm button a lot more, so I can hide underneath the blanket for five 5 more minutes until it's time to get up and rush out the door. 

Remember whether your on time or rushing keep it cool 
and collective because your day is only getting started. 

Closet Pieces:
White Top
Black Blazer Jacket
Sport Bra

New Pieces:
White Converse Shoes here
Under Armour Bottoms here


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