Thursday, January 26, 2017

Taking Control of My Finances

Part of my new year's resolution is to become more familiar with my finances, so my money can start working for me and not the other way around. Right now, I live a pretty comfortable life, I'm a career woman by day and blogger by night, but I still have bills to pay like two credit cards, a student loan and living expenses. It's not cheap living in California and balancing a busy life.

After reading a couple tips from Turbo Tax blog, I decided to stop procrastinating and start getting back on track with my finances by creating a financial table plan.

Here are my finance goals for 2017:

1. Create a table with monthly expenses and total amount of loans. Keep in mind, I am currently married and we split the living expenses, but for right now, I am focusing on my own individual goals to pay off debt before we combine finances together.

2. Pay of the lowest credit card in six months and the highest one in 12 months. If I don't accomplish goal re-evaluate plan and make adjustments.

3. Apply for the public service loan forgiveness program if I make it to the 10 year mark in the not-for-profit organization world.....

4. Cut my monthly subscription to Rocksbox.  Although they are great brand company, I've notice I haven't taken full advantage of their services. Plus, I'm giving free money away.
Have I forgotten that every $20 dollars adds value to my future?!

5. Save while getting Fit. Change my gym membership from LA Fitness to Planet Fitness. The idea of only paying $10 dollars a month to stay in shape was music to my ears, plus I get to save more $$$. 

6. Feel Joy in my financial decisions without feeling the burden of financial stress. And keep in mind that I am one step closer to financial freedom. 

(this is just an example)

For more tips on taking control of your finances, visit TurboTax.



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