Monday, March 27, 2017

Puerto Nuevo, Baja California

 Puerto Nuevo is known as the "Lobster Capital of Baja" where you can choose from plenty of restaurants to serve a good longosta con arroz, frijoles and handmade tortillas. The lobster in Baja  holds it's tradition because of the quality of food, people and views. And in case you didn't know, San Diegan's can get to the location site in just 50 minutes from downtown. So, that's exactly what we did; we planned a one day trip to enjoy some quality time with our good friends, but to also enjoy la comida that everyone talks about.

As a matter of fact, we actually planned to be in Puerto Nuevo half day, so we can also enjoy a trip to La Ruta Del Vino. So for now I am sharing my lobster obsession experience at the Villa Ortega's restaurant because I want to plant a little seed in your mind about my recent adventure to Mexico. Also for those of you who have never traveled past the border... you're missing out in Mexico's culture cuisine, make the trip and eat a little lobster or two or three. And if you make it down to Puerto Nuevo don't forget to explore the village and enjoy being in the moment.

When you first arrive to the restaurant request to sit outside by the ocean view, but if it's too chilly request the indoor patio. Once you are seated you will be greeted by chips, salsa and mini bread rolls stuffed with queso y rajas (HmmHmm buenisimo!). Order a round of drinks, but I recommend the Cuban mojito because it goes really well with seafood or if your like my friends and hubby order a michelada.

After you are all settle in, explore the menu to see what you are craving. My recommendation will be to order the ceviche de camaron because it's beautiful served on a pineapple. Also, the combination of flavors hits the palette just right with the sweet and spicy flavors..

Next, order the langosta meal, this option our good friends Luis and Yessica ordered because they been to Villa Ortegas in the past. Plus, they knew exactly what to order para compartir. In this photo you will see the delicious meal, but the hand made flour tortillas are missing. However, once you see them estan suavisitas y deliciosas. This is when you are ready to dive in and fix yourself a plate, plus you can make langosta burritos.

Here we are as a group enjoying the day together. We are the imperfect, perfect, crazy, fun and loving group. Our good friends Luis and Yessica are like family to us and we are grateful to have each other because we can enjoy moments like this one and talk about real shit in life!

Hasta la proxima!


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