Thursday, April 6, 2017

Deckman's at Mogor

Traveling and exploring life beyond the border has always been a simple thought, but to be quite honest after exploring little hidden gems here and there in Mexico; I've not created a list of places I like to visit. For now, I will share my most recent visit Deckman's at Mogor winery in Valle
de Guadalupe, B.C. Mexico. Our good friends had mention this winery prior, so they went ahead and made a reservation. When we found the location, I fell in love and gasped a little. I felt at peace because it was the start of my Self-Care time to distress, relax and enjoy the company, food and environment.

Deckman's winery is located in Mexico's beautiful country life and it has a spectacular 360 degree view all around. The outdoor sitting makes it perfect to enjoy the wine, cheese and food. If you are traveling with partner or friend; I recommend taking your time because you won't feel rushed to go anywhere. So, with that said, get comfortable and start ordering food. In a short brief summary, here is what our group ordered. The first order was the cheese board which was then followed by appetizers. All of sudden we found ourselves ordering Mezcal shots because the waiter made us curious about the famous worm salt. Which by the way is the worm that is found in most bottles of Mezcal, since he claimed everyone was "fighting" to taste the worm. So they decided  to decompose the little thing and mix it with salt (I don't know if these makes sense, but it was tasty!).

For dinner, I recommend ordering the ribeye steak for two because it's served with pureed potatoes along with mushroom and grilled onion. Plus, you get a side dish of delicious grilled vegetables.
However, my husband just told me the Menu changes weekly, but if you see it on the menu order it! You will not be disappointed and make sure you finish things strong with a dessert or two...

Remember to enjoy every moment and in between meals take the time to walk around. Most of all enjoy the Sunset because once you go back home you will be day dreaming about the experience.




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