Thursday, May 18, 2017

Makeup to Wakeup by Pixi

 Hola Chicas! I hope you are off to a great start, as some of you know about two weeks ago I took a trip to Los Angeles for an event with Google space. I drove from San Diego to Venice because I was on a mission to really get to know what my next step should be with my personal business goals. With that said, before arriving to the event, I had the opportunity to explore Venice and I came across the pixi beauty store and I didn't think twice about skipping it.

So, I crossed the street and stepped right into the front door to explore the all white retail space. I honestly wanted to film the whole experience, but was limited on time, so I took advantage to ask two things: 1.) Does Pixi have great concealer coverage for under eyes? 2.) Does the store offer a freshen up mini makeover? Answer to both questions, Yes!

Below are a couple of the Pixi beauty products I purchased:
Petra said, "It's the secret to looking like you had a rest ful night's sleep and  
the dense corrective concealer blends seamlessly into the skin while instantly erasing stubborn darkness."

Eye awakening tinted eye gel that brightens & restores vibrancy, while recharging delicate skin with potent botanical healers.

3.) Free Pixi beauty care samples!

(*favorite beauty items this month)


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