Saturday, June 24, 2017

"I Bloody Love Rodial!"

Summer is here and what a better way to start the heat wave with some Rodial beauty products.
Rodial is a high end UK brand that produces more than one skincare line based on trends that started in Korea. In general chicas, I've noticed that the UK tends to embrace strange unique ingredients from Asia's skincare lines such as ingredients like bee venom, retino, chromabright and hyaluronic acid. I am a little scared with the names I haven't seen before, but after reading and trying some of the products, I love the edgy skincare ingredients.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rizos on the Road

Rizos on the Road is the symbolic definition of what it means to embrace your curls with cultura and spice. As curly hair chicas, we must understand we are different, but unique because we all have a different story to share about our curl journey. With that said, I know you have all been on this boat of questions being asked by people.

1. Where are you from?
2. Can I touch your hair?
3. Does your family have curly hair? or did you perm your hair?
4. Why do you look so different compare to your siblings?
5. Do you know Spanish?

Most of the time we don't mind answering the questions because we like to share our story, but there are times at least for me when I started to feel like I was being categorize by my features.  My journey of embracing my hair was a struggle at a young age for the simple fact that young girls said, "what's wrong with your hair?" As a matter fact, at a young age, I learned to master wearing headbands and doing really tight ponytails to avoid my curls from being noticeable. I would also brush my hair out several times at night thinking it would be more straight the next day. And as I got older, I came really close to chemically straightening my hair, but thank God I didn't. Instead, I learned to straighten my hair with a plancha (an iron) because I idolized women in telenovelas and magazines con pelo lacio.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Look of the Day

It's graduation season! With that said, you will find yourself seeing plenty of graduation moments online and/or  have friends and family members graduating from school or college. A great outfit inspiration to wear for a graduation ceremony are blue dresses. For example, this floral print dress from H&M is perfect for sunny weather. The long sleeve and button down short dress is style to perfection. Some great accessories to add are a pair gold shades, black belt and heels and your ready as 1..2..3..

Like Celia Cruz sings... Rien...Lloran..y Vive tu Vida!!
It's time to Celebrate!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mirina Girl

Once you know about accessorizing thick layered metallic necklaces, you will get the idea about making a statement with little effort. Besides, rules are meant to be broken when mixing metals and experimenting with textiles and Mirina Collections knows how to round up the latest approved inspo for statement necklaces.

Check out the blue-boho necklace by Mirina Collections. The necklace is  handcrafted with copper and silver plating making the detailed artistically unique. This piece will have you speaking in volumes and you can simply pair the accessory with a black and white  striped top, boyfriend jeans and chucks.

In addition to having a great outfit, remember to revamp your curls with the coconut hibiscus curl style milk and curl enhancing smoothie. These two products will make your curls feel fantastic. As for my curls, I usually apply about a nickel to a quarter size onto my damp hair before diffusing. I never exceed the amount because if I do, then the products will weigh down on my hair since my curls are more wavy on the outside and kinky on the inside. Remember, every curly chica  is different and only you will know what works best for your hair.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Lemon Drop

After Beyoncé dropped her lemonade album most ladies went crazy with the #IStandWithBeyonce hashtag.  As a matter fact, most women knew the symbols of a lemonade had a whole different meaning from here on out. So ladies, as you are getting ready for the Summer trends, here's a cute off the shoulder top that will have you thinking about B's sense of style.

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