Sunday, July 30, 2017

As I AM Beautiful Coils and Curls

Celebrating one's own natural hair is a lifestyle and adopting a healthier approach to love your curls in the new trend. There so many products options that cater to the curly hair chicas more often then before and product companies are paying a little bit more attention to the details that woman are looking for. Just recently I got to try the As I am hair products and although it caters to the African American woman, I wanted to test if the products will work for Latinas with wavy and curly hair. So, I am testing out four sample styling hair products listed below:

4. doublebutter cream

Before getting started, I made sure to detangle my curls with a wide comb and you can find great options at Sally Beauty Store for a reasonable price.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello Monday!

As you all know, the weather in California has been in the 80s with slight humidity, so to keep it fresh and simple. Throw on a pair of short with a tank and sandals. To be quite honest, I just been a little unmotivated lately an dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions. So to take a break from California my husband and I decided to plan a weekend trip  to Chicago.

I'm really looking forward to visiting the third most populous city to explore the Chi-town life, cultural and food. Hopefully this trip will inspire me with new ideas for curls and fashion as I've  been majorly slacking. Don't worry, eventually I will get over this hump, but for I need to just take my time to re-focus and breathe.

p.s. I need a tan on my legs...(lol) just keeping it real!


Monday, July 10, 2017

The Midst of Summer

Buenas Noches! It's time to start thinking about nourishing your skin during this hot weather. And let me just say, the humidity is making me feel like I am back in South Texas or Florida. However, this year California's mother nature has us all confuse with the heat, humidity, gloomy clouds, rain and snow. It's like she saying, "Get ready for me Bitches!"  (lol). But seriously, now is the time to start nourishing your skin, so you can be ready to start enjoying the warm Summer nights.

Here are my top three picks this with e.l.f cosmetics beauty care:

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