Sunday, July 30, 2017

As I AM Beautiful Coils and Curls

Celebrating one's own natural hair is a lifestyle and adopting a healthier approach to love your curls in the new trend. There so many products options that cater to the curly hair chicas more often then before and product companies are paying a little bit more attention to the details that woman are looking for. Just recently I got to try the As I am hair products and although it caters to the African American woman, I wanted to test if the products will work for Latinas with wavy and curly hair. So, I am testing out four sample styling hair products listed below:

4. doublebutter cream

Before getting started, I made sure to detangle my curls with a wide comb and you can find great options at Sally Beauty Store for a reasonable price.

Once my hair was settled and ready, I did the following sequence below:

Step 1. Part my hair in half with a tooth tail comb. Remember using a tail comb makes the process a lot easier instead using your fingers.

Step 2. I applied a quarter size of the so much moisture to my hair because I tend to have really dehydrated dull hair at times, so I wanted to lock in the moisturizer and softness.

2. I added a dime size doublebutter cream and moisture milk to the my hair and used the  upward crunch motion technique to provide bounce to my waves and curls.

Step 3. I added the cocoshea whip as the last product to provide frizz-free to my waves and curls.

Step 4. Since I have very flat waves on the back section of my hair, I decided to purchase 7/16 inch soft rollers  to help train and enhance my curls to have more volume in the back.

My review 3.5 stars

Overall the products are good, but I did notice my hair did feel a little heavy throughout the day, so I may need to adjust the portion application and/or probably sequence.  It definitely however locked in moisturizer which made my hair less freezy, but waking up the next morning my hair did look a little dull. I would definitely recommend product for chicas who have thick coily curly hair because it will provide a great benefit to keeping the curls healthy. Will I use the products again for my curly/wavy hair? most likely because the products did provide a rich texture to keep the curls hydrated.

(Note: This is not a paid compensation, this is my own personal opinions)


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