Sunday, August 13, 2017

12 Makeup Tips for a Fabulous Look

For some ladies, wearing a full face of makeup is easy because it's simply what they do every day. For others like myself, I really don't have that much time during the week, but on weekends, I make the extra effort to look and feel fabulous. Remember, if you learn to treat yourself, you learn to feel more beautiful and confident. So here is a quick and simple makeup tutorial that you can use for any occasion.

Step 1. I used the studio makeup on the go warm up eyeshadow palette with the medium and lighter shade to give my eyelids a warm touch.  Make sure to use a fluffy brush to even out color on the crease of your eyes.

Step 2. I am taking the color gold from the revealed smoky eyeshadow palette and I am only going to apply one layer all over and to the crease of my eyelid.  

Step 3. To kick the color up a notch, I am going to apply this color wet with a mist and fix. (Note: You can spray the brush once or grab an extra mason jar lid to use as a make up pitri dish.)

 Step 4. I took a girlactick precise marker liner to warm up the look by creating a  a small wing.

Step 5. I returned to the make up on the go palette and used the color pearl to highlight the area beneath my eyebrow.
 Step 6 I used the covergirl super sizer fiber mascara to give my eyelashes a long dark amplified look.

Step 7. I took a little break to grab a snack. (Hey a girl has to eat! lol)

Step 8. I used the IBY highlight and contour palette (shade 1) to the apple of my cheeks and forehead.

Step 9. I used the studio makeup soft blend plum blush to add color to my cheeks

Step 10. I used the e.l.f. cosmetics to highlight and illuminate my cheekbones. The natural glow stick targets to illuminate a beautiful natural glow. 

Step 11. I used the e.l.f cosmetics lip lacquer to enrich my lips with a smooth lip color. The lip lacquer is rich in Vitamin E and provides a comfortable wear that is non-sticky.

 Step 12. Here is the final look and although I have an ugly blemish by my chin, I loved the over all look. I also added a couple more coats of mascara to make the eyelashes stand out in the picture.

 Enjoy your day!!


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