Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 1 in Chicago

A weekend's worth of time will be a perfect dose to explore Chicago. In my personal opinion, to explore Chicago the right way make sure you purchase tickets to a Cubs game. And before you attend the game, arrive a little early to explore the Wrigleyville community and catch brunch and  $1 mimosas at hutch chicago café.

After brunch take walk into Wrigley's neighborhood, you will find yourself in a crowd of loving Cubs fans and bar hoping. My husband and I recommend the sluggers bar because of it's classic bar feel with 80's music, plus it has a batting cage and game room upstairs. And trust me after a drink or two you will find yourself up in the batting cage ready to slug a fast or slow pitch ball. Remember, you will have time to kill before an afternoon game, so take the time to wander and explore the different bars in the area.

Once it's close to game time, arrive a little early to explore the Wrigley stadium on the outside and snap a few pictures before entering the ball park. I don't know about you, but when you are on site at the Wrigley field the feeling is surreal. We wanted to pinch ourselves because we talk about visiting the stadium for such a long time and we finally made it happen.

Once you step inside the ballpark your curiosity builds up about how the field would look like, but before you think about going straight to your seats. Get in line to order a beer and the world famous Chicago dog because this will make your homecoming entrance that much worth it. Also make sure stand up for the seventh inning stretch and sing along with Harry Caray.

After the game head on over to Murphy's Bar to hang out and chill. The atmosphere is great with great music, friendly people and good drinks. And if you happen to be tipsy sing along with the dam crowd because everyone is having fun at this point.

Alright, obviously if you had been drinking all day like us, you know you need to make room for food, so a good place to eat some deep dish pizza is loumalnatis restaurant. Now, I have to warn you the wait is an hour long, so put your name down and walk across the street to Old English and chill at the bar. My husband and I decided to order another round of drinks and some tacos. I recommend to just order the drinks because the tacos were honestly disgusting, but we needed the carbs at this point. After a good wait, we headed back to loumalnatis and finally got seated. Once we thought we were in the clear, we found out it takes a full hour to make the dip dish pizza, so we order another round with an appetizer.

Cheers and Goodnight!


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