Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 2 The Architectural Tour In Chicago

The second weekend in Chicago was getting to know the famous windy city, so I booked two city tours. The first tour was with  the mercury skyline cruiseline to see the city from a panoramic view.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous going on board because I get motion sickness and I forgot my medication, but luckily my husband found a cure remedy for me, "liquor!". The alcohol definitely helped calm my nerves down as I go to enjoy the popsicle cocktail while cruising the lake.

After the lake cruise, the boat headed back to the river for the architectural tour. And honestly what made this tour really fun, was the tour guy because he was informative, but comical at the same time. I was all smiles as I sipped on my drink forgetting about everything back home. It  was the perfect does of happiness for everything that I been through the last couple of months.

The second city tour was booking the Hop On and Hop Off trolley and double decker tour buses to get to know the city on a street level. This is a perfect way to explore the city top areas such as the Art Museum of Chicago, Chicago's Theatre, The Cloud Gate, Navy Pier and so much more.

Aside from all the wonderful architecture, I was so impressed how Chicago had so many beautiful plants throughout the city. I felt an incredible presence around me and so much love that I only wish I had more time to explore what it all meant. I hope to return to this beautiful city with more time to spare.


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