Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stopping 90 % of hair damage before it happens..

There are so many shampoos available in today's market that I often find myself lost in the aisle trying to select which one is better. After seeing a couple of options, I decided to try out tbe Dove Intensive Repair duo, since my hair at the time was suffering from dry damage hair with no solution. After a couple weeks of using the product, I can honestly say my hair has improved in texture and it no longer feels dry and coarse. 

Quite frankly the Dove Intensive repair has a core to build stronger foundation for healthy, beautiful hair that is 5x smoother than before. The formula features a unique, patented nourishment system comprised of three innovative technologies – Silicone Polymers, Keratin Repair Actives and Microsheet Structured Conditioners – that work together unlike any other product range to make hair progressively more resilient to damage after each wash and prevent split ends.

Sometimes finding the right shampoo is worth it!


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