Sunday, December 10, 2017

Give Your Hair the ThirsT it Needs

The crossinnova is a fortifying quencher to lock moisture back into your hair. The formulated line of shampoo and conditioner are designed to hydrate and renew dry hair with it's blend of natural botanical and proteins. So, whether your hair is straight or curly, ThirstT Hair has your back!

To avoid your hair locks from looking brittle and dry, here are some quick hair tips:

1. Wash your hair less frequently
2. Use a Paraben and Silicone free shampoo and conditioner
3. Rinse your hair with cool water
4. Apply leave in conditioner

(Note: If you do not have thick curly hair,
I recommend to use small portions of the hair product
and increase as desired.)

As you can see, I took the opportunity rinse my hair in my bathroom sink with the shampoo and conditioner. And although it might of looked like a had a good portion control, I accidentally poured more than I needed, but I didn't let good product go to waste. After lathering my hair, I applied the natural leave in conditioner followed by two other styling products. My hair felt good during the wash, but after applying two additional styling products, it did feel a bit dull. Perhaps, next time I need to change the hair styling products, so it can work cohesively with the crossinova shampoo and conditioner.


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