Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, A Healthier You

New year resolutions is a bit like healthy recipes there fun to make, but hard to maintain  and that same concept applies to our fitness goals.  

Every January, roughly 1 in 3 people buy a new gym membership to get in shape, but only 75% of people really stick to their fitness goals. So instead of adding another gym routine, let's change things up by doing fitness outdoors.  

I know it's hard to maintain the enthusiasm after the new year confetti has disappeared, but it's not impossible. Just keep in mind that a day outdoor has it's benefits:

* No Membership Fees: You don't need special equipment
* The Air is Cleaner: Inhale and Exhale
* A Free daily dose of Vitamin D: A little Sunshine will help absorb calcium
* Exercise your mind: When you train outdoors, all of your senses connect to your body and mind

On top of sharing some great advice, I am also going share a couple of my favorite e.l.f cosmetics active collection items such as the:  workout ready hydration stick , post workout body wipes, and post workout cool down mist. All three items are easy to pack, use and keep up with your busy lifestyle.




  1. Slay it girl! Hubby and I are doing one bike ride a week for some outdoor exercise. Luckily it isn't too cold in SD! I also scheduled myself gym days so hope to make this my best year yet!

    1. Hello Lynn,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad to hear you are making the effort to doing exercise outdoors. In case you haven't tried biking around downtown, I highly recommend it! You can always rent a bike and explore the city while getting exercise done.


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