Friday, February 23, 2018

On the Open Road

A road trip is a great opportunity to forget all about your worries and make new memories. And traveling on a swirvy road can be at bit challenging, but make sure you stay alert and awake with on coming traffic and vehicles trying to pass you. This means putting your phone down and actually really paying attention because there is only a two way highway ladies and no room for errors!

Last weekend when my sister came to visit, she was telling me how much she needed a break from the city life. So, I decided to surprise her on Sunday morning and take on a small road trip to Julian's town. Believe it or not, it was her first time going up to Julian's and fell in love with the scenery right away. I knew this would the perfect dose happiness to create new loving memories with my sister. Since, we both had a miserable emotional year in 2017, we just lost touch and life just happened, but here we were discussing life in 56 degree wheather in clothes that was not meant for winter. We laughed about it as my sister said, let me document the moment you decided to wear a dress and chucks. What can I say, my sister knows how to make me smile, if the road seem like eternity to reach her, I would travel that road to see her smile, hug her and just be  in the moment all over again. 


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