Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sabor Latino 2018

March seventeen was a great day to celebrate Sabor Latino at the San Diego Latino Film Festival. It was there 3rd Annual Food, Beer and Wine Festival where one got to enjoy unlimited tastings inspired by celebrated Latino Chefs like: Steven Novoa, Daniella De La Puente, Jorge Gonzalez and many more. There were also some of the best wineries from Baja California as well as some cumbia and salsa music vibes. 

Food is a universal language to get to meet new people, but also to enjoy good bocadillos con sabor! And although the weather was a bit chilly, I  was able to stay warm by layering a sleeves dress with a stripped turtle neck and white scarf. To complete the look, I added sunnies, sandals and a pink backpack. Having my hands free from a purse was perfect as I roamed around to different food vendors.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Sporty Chic

Sporty, but chic, I thinks those were the perfect words to my outfit and I am all about bringing my athletic gear back. Obviously, I wanted to keep this look simple and comfortable, so I layered two simple dresses, added some gray sneakers and a small backpack. I absolutely adore dresses that can be layered and it just so happens they were sitting in my closet.

The reason I love this particular pairing is because it's definitely easy to run around in for a casual Sunday afternoon while running errands or simply catching lunch with your gals. This past weekend, I had a chance to go check a new café location at Vanite Café in San Diego. The café has a great selection of organic milk teas, coffee, crystal boba and macaroons. Although they did not have the churros sweets ready, I went with a delicious pebble and pistachio macaroon. I have to admit the pebble was more delicious! 


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

WeAllGrow Latina #WellnessDay18

I've been working on the intention of making space to heal and free myself from all the agony and pain I was going through this past year. I often found myself trying to figure out things my way and simply making mistakes because I voided letting God enter my space for a while. It's not that I am not a believer because I am, but my connection to my faith drifted abundantly when uncertainty gained a dark place in my heart. Had I been wrong for letting go, absolutely not, I was simply lost and heart broken.

After realizing that I could no longer lean into my own understanding, I created a space for God to slide something new into my life. December was the beginning of my healing phase and  I prayed for a transition in my life to help me reconnect with my relationships, intuition and life goals. 

Although, this year has been slow, it's been filled with strange experiences, surprises and love. It was also the perfect timing to get reconnect my sisterhood at the weallgrowlatina annual conference. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

25th San Diego Latino Film Festival

Media Arts Center San Deigo's 25th Anniversary San Diego Latino Film Festival
25 Years of Sharing Passion for Cine Latino & Changing Lives Through Film


Friday, March 2, 2018

Finding the Space to Heal

It's been mere months since my past conception and since my first baby passed away and I was left heartbroken and overwhelmed; not sure how to handle the situation. I had a great support system in place with my husband, family and friends. However, I still felt lost within myself and wish someone had given me advice on what on earth to do. What was once joyful tears turned into painful tears. 

So I took the best possible advice from my mother and distracted my myself  by staying busy with work, while I put blogging and podcasting on hold. The intention to stay busy was to not dwell on the experience and memories, but they always found a place, time and day where tears would stream down my face. I would quickly wipe my tears from my face, telling myself,,I am strong and I will be okay. The truth is, I was lost and disconnected.

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