Monday, June 25, 2018

Baja Stroll

I'm always looking forward to traveling to different places, especially finding spots where they have a good langosta! On this trip to Baja California the weather was a little chilly with a beam of sunlight, so instead of wearing shorts with a Summer top. A threw on a pair of Lauren Conrad skinny ankle jeans, a pink polka dot print top and black suede sandals. 

This quick simple look can always be dressed up, but if your looking to stay comfortable than I recommend staying with flats, especially if you are going to do a lot of walking to explore different nearby sites. If the weather is a little windy while traveling, roll your hair into a tiny hair bun and throw on some Quay Australia  sunglasses and enjoy a little sun on your stroll. 

During this trip to Baja California my husband and I had recently lost a loved one. Uncle Dave,  he has like father figure, a friend, and cool OG in the neighborhood. Dave saw us grow together, took us to our first Ensenada camping trip, watched Sunday football together and gave us life advice. He has definitely a role model to us and we grew very close to him, especially my husband. Dave opened our eyes to traveling and enjoying life, but also to work hard to aspire our goals and dreams. We often think of Uncle Dave and our loved ones when we accomplish big goals, especially when we bought our first home! It was such a great joy and he was so proud, but we never had the chance to give him a tour. Although he didn't get a change to see our home, he is now part of our nest while we hang on to his football picture glory days. 

So on this particular stroll, I though about living life to the fullest, even when moments in life get really hard, you just have to stay "focused." Thank you, Uncle Dave for opening our eyes to traveling. 


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