Saturday, June 23, 2018

Palms Springs Roadtrip to Create & Cultivate

Okay, so I will be honest here chicas-I didn't exactly planned to travel alone to Palm Springs for the Create & Cultivate one day pop up event. The problem is I didn't have anyone to go with, but traveling alone made me realize how much more I like meeting new people, network and enjoy the moment.

So, when I booked my ticket for the Create & Cultivate I didn't think twice about it because I solely relied on the fact that I needed a break from everything that going on with me internally. All I knew was that I was booking a ticket and going! And it  didn't hit me until far after I had purchase the ticket, received confirmation, and told myself that I would be going out of my comfort zone. And it only hit me because my husband asked, "Who I was going with?" and for the first time I had to think about the fact the answer was "no one". 

Ultimately I was really happy that I went by myself because I met some wonderful ladies, but most of all I met two ladies while waiting in line the day of the event who also had done the same as me. It was such a good feeling that I was not alone or crazy for traveling by myself. I know sometimes traveling by yourself can scare the daylights out my husband, but you're only young for so long! And you can't stop yourself from wanting to experience new places, meeting new brands and events. 

(photo credit: Micheal Adan Photography) 

In the future, I look forward to keep attending more events. Here is what I learned traveling solo

1. It's pretty chingona to travel by yourself 

Almost everyone I encountered at the event had a group a friends, but some girls saw me and  ask who I was here with, I came alone..  Person, "Wow that is pretty gutsy to come alone!" Me, "yeah, but I met some pretty down to earth girls today, Kinsey and Nevaduh!" That my Palm Springs crew today...(lol) I  love meeting new people!

2. Pack Light

To be honest, I wasn't staying the weekend, I had just planned to be there for the day. So I packed a small travel tote with extra clothes and shoes to change, so I would be comfortable to travel back home. And I didn't really have the time to think about packing extra clothes or essentials. I just went with the flow!

3. Don't be afraid to meet new people 

I don't think there was a single day back in my hometown when I wasn't with someone, but going to a first major big event alone made it transparent that I wasn't afraid to get to know myself on a different level. I was ballsy and inspired to keep learning from new experiences. 

Also if you want to make a new friends you have to do a little leg work girl.....And I'll tell you, you will be nervous to talk to strangers at the event, but once you break the ice the rest is groovy and gravy. 

4. Don't be afraid to take some Alone time...

When things get a little hay wired with your environment and health, take a break. Being by myself provided a space to sit and think. And I been trying to practice mindfulness everyday and doing so my whole experience was really wholesome and worthwhile. 

Thank you Create and Cultivate for hosting an amazing Desert Pop Up event, but most of all thank you  Kinsey, Nevaduh and Mike for making this trip a memorable one!!

(photo credit: Micheal Adan Photography) 


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