Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cabo San Lucas

It's been a couple weeks of  home projects, work and life. We finally been living in our new house for a couple months, and have already experience some downfalls with certain things like a water pipe breaking, a 30 year old fence needing to be replace and fixing the garage. We have worked extra hard the last couple months to achieve a couple things in our list, but just in general, home projects can be stressful, kiaotic and expensive. So after trying to sort things out with our neighbors and what not, we both looked at each other and said it's time for a weekend gateaway.

Don't get me wrong, its not just like we just got up and were in Cabo the next day, but we did look at air flight and hotel deals that could give a good bang for our buck. And ladies, we found the best air flight deal through  Volaris  and  booked a 3 night stay with sandos finisterra hotel resort.

So, off we went with our packed luggage to the airport in Tijuana (which by the way needs a lot of progress).  After boarding our air flight, it only took two hours to arrive in Cabo. Once we landed we got our belongings and headed out to the taxi area where you have a choice of booking a private cab for $84 US dollars or split a cab with a group of passengers. We chose to share the cab with other passengers and this meant the cab driver will make several stops to drop of guest to their hotel site.  Which is not bad, but it can take a little time to get to your destination.

Upon arrival to the hotel we were both greeted with champagne and immediately introduce to activity deals. When the receptionist asked what we had in mind, we both said, to relax.. and of course enjoy the pool, beach, scenery, food and perhaps maybe walk into town, but no extra activities. She smiled, and said, " that sounds like a plan, enjoy your stay at Sandos!"

The Sandos resort has some of the best views because you get the beach and the town views on the seventh floor. It's one of the best sceneries during the day and night. Also on the seventh flour, you have 2 restaurants, a whale's bar with a dynamic view of the beach, a cupcake cafe and nightly entertainment. 

If you see the healthy steps at Sandos, walk them because it takes you to the seventh floor..
You will get a work out, but the view will be rewarding. 

On the first floor you have three pools and a pool bar which unfortunately closes at 5 or 6 pm. However, when my husband and I still wanted to chill in the pool, we grabbed our boise speaker headed to the lobby bar for drinks and made our way back to the pool where people where already waiting for us to bump the music and keep chilling.

Whales Watchers Bar 
We were able to catch the Brazil game at the bar which has three room areas that have wall TVs in place. The area has full air conditioning, bar and bathrooms to sit back and relax.  We were able to enjoy eating fruit, mixed nuts and drinks while watched the game and enjoyed the beach views.  

One of our favorite spots to hang around was by the resort's beach and although we couldn't get in because of the high tides, we still sat down to enjoy the view and listen to the waves crashing on the seaside. We also loved spending a lot of time on the hammocks while we talked about life and reflected of how far we come together. 

Adios, until next time Cabo!


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