Wednesday, August 15, 2018

CABE Social Event

Are blogger/social events worth attending? Well, let me tell you, if you invest a pretty little penny to attend an event then you need to put on your thinking hat on and make every moment count. As a matter of fact, at least for me, I end up going to events by myself because I like to explore new cities, meet new people and work on my networking skills. 

The problem is that sometime events can be a little like high school. For example, picture it like this...your the new girl in town with no friends, but you like to be adventures and go explore new places or events, but sometime  when you feel like you want the best experience, you end up feeling like you have to choose which group of people you see yourself starting a conversation. Dang, is it that hard!! It can be.. because while your thinking who do you want to approach. Your also left  observing how the crowd vibe is. In other words, which clicks have formed...who is who in the room.... superficials vs genuine … beauty gurus vs fashion... bloggers vs entrepreneurs.. Yup... the list can go on..and on.., but quite frankly put all that aside and just be you! 

Your best approach to networking is to genuinely be you and not fear approaching a person to start a conversation. You be surprise how easy it can be and how well you can start connecting with others. Most of all connect with brands and people you see yourself collaborating with and having long lasting relationships.

On this particular CABE event I attended, I had an opportunity to discover Wild Island Collective and had the pleasure to meet the owner to discuss different types of plants and how suitable they can be to you health and wellbeing. And since, being a home owner since October, I've been yearning to buy more house plants, so after seeing wild island collective collection, I was happy to take home an Athurium and Pothos plant. 

Another great aspect about events is meeting new people, making small talk and being each others photographer for the day. On this particular day, I  had the pleasure to meet cateyesandcandy a fellow Girl Boss in San Diego. Make sure you go check out her theprintsalamode  business for any customize work.  I also had an opportunity to meet Sarai, who designs press on nails, go check her Instagram account here: thenailshop.

Well Ladies, I leave you with this little note...
Remember to
Live a little
and Make New Memories 


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